Meet the owner

I don't think we've met, I’m Hawwa, a twenty one year old educator and entrepreneur from Newark, New Jersey


At the age of 18, I graduated high school “ Undecided“ I had no idea that I would become a skincare enthusiast. The idea of being my boss was appealing to me. Changing and empowering the lives of those around me that motivated me as well. I started my all-natural skincare journey after dealing with my skin issues. Such as acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, etc. It's something that has been with me since puberty! Sadly, I had no luck with several mainstream skincare products, So I researched, tested and mixed different ingredients to make effective natural remedies. I decided I wanted to only do skincare, but then I realized I am forgetting about the rest of the body and skincare starts from within. A Year later January 2019 I was finally able to create & formulate natural, affordable and effective products. that has been life-changing. I made a choice & I've realized that the natural way is the best. One of my main goals is to educate and empower clients on why natural products are beneficial to overall health make others aware of how great & effective they are. Aso helps people to live healthy and happy lives through self-care! Because we strongly believe that what you put into your mind and body is important. Whether you're using Eves Bees or a different type of natural skincare you've made the right choice. You've chosen the natural way.


If you have any requests or any questions feel free to contact us using our contact page on this website.


Thank you so much for your continuous support!